Heavy Weather Fish Co.

We are a second-generation commercial fishing family bringing you wild sockeye salmon from the pristine icy waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska. Our salmon are always wild, fresh, and sustainably harvested.

Every summer, we travel from our hometown of Valdez to Bristol Bay - home of the largest wild sockeye salmon run in the world. For over 130 years, the Bristol Bay sockeye salmon fishery has been closely monitored by fisheries biologists and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Together, with collaboration of commericial fisherman, our efforts have helped to preserve this natural resource and ensure sustainability for generations to come.

My husband Ben and I both grew up commercial fishing on the back decks of our father's commercial fishing boats in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Ben started at the age of 8 and I began at 12. As young kids, Ben and I quickly became friends and always looked forward to seeing each other every summer in the bay. Fast forward 25 years and those young kids are now married and continue fishing every summer aboard our own vessel "Ellie Maye" named after our first daughter. Fishing is our passion and way of life. We are humbled to spend our summers on the waters of Bristol Bay harvesting beautiful wild sockeye salmon. We truly believe these salmon are some of the most precious resources this world has to offer. We are proud to share them with you.

Local Alaskan Residents

Please reach out to us if you are interested in purchasing frozen fillets. You will receive a substantial local discount on price per pound. We offer doorstep delivery of fillets and jars in Valdez.